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Hi K….sorry you are laid up at the moment.  Back problems are the bane of the modern world it seems.  My doctor "helpfully" suggested that if I was in better shape I wouldn’t have so many problems.  I am typing these words while I am eating the left over Halloween candy, thinking that maybe I’ll go for a walk next spring.  Hmmmpppph, seven years of medical school and he thinks he knows everything,.
When I was a teenager (I believe that may have even been before you were born), we used to put on our jeans, turn the hose on ourselves, and let the jeans dry while we were wearing them.  They shrunk to perfection around our bodies, but we had difficulty sitting and walking (also breathing, eating and going to the bathroom were difficult).  So I appreciate you trying the skinny jeans, but quite seriously, if an 18 year old told me to get on my knees and bend backwards, I’d ask for the money up front.   That show wouldn’t come for free.
Not sure if you replied to Velvet about what Spanx are….so let me give it my best shot.  You put on a large elastic bandage, and resemble a ten pound sausage in a five pound casing.  I live in terror that my Spanx will spring a leak and I’ll explode all over the room.  (Carl, if you’re reading this, look away).
As always, it’s so fun to read about your life.  Take care!
(PS when I was young and there was a thunder & lightening storm, my Grandmother always told me that God was bowling.  It seemed like a rather undignified sport for such an important deity.)