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Hi All,
Well, having a sore back has done wonders for my social life!!! I blame all on my sister, who is a very bad influence, but i had to write about my day yesterday, it was a hoot!
Ok, so firstly, the birthday party, Harry’s little kinder friend had a McDonalds party, all lovely and good, he had a great time, i went and visited my other sister while he was there, dip, cheese…yum.
I got home and had to head straight back in to drop Brea at a friends, i am such a good mother!!!! When i got home Jen (my sister)wanted to go to the pub for a beer, i wasnt really fussed but rang Jode and we headed down for ‘an hour’.  As it was a hot day, it was beautiful sitting on the balcony with a vodka, now im not a big drinker at all, but in the 3 hours i was there i had a whole 4 drinks.  So we had one lady come for a chat, im not even going to go into what she was saying about her thongs and what they did for her,she is the most manly woman i have ever met, loud and crude and swears like a trooper, needless to say i was horrified, i couldnt look at her and i couldnt stop laughing.  On the way home i asked Jode if she wanted to come for a coffee.  She is going to a show today and said she had better go home and be the ‘good wife’, as she will be gone all day today (you know what i mean) .  I got home and snuck in the house, everyone was asleep, so i turned on the hall light…and woke up Dames.  That wasnt bad, but then i got into bed and elbowed him in the head, he’s so not impressed at this stage.  Then i get a message on  my phone from Jode…she will kill me if i tell you what it said, but it was hysterical.  I was laying in bed, laughing my head off, Damian is screaming at me to get out, to which i couldnt as my back was sore and i had just got comfortable.
It was a great night, i had a ball and my back is not too bad today, mind you i wasnt boogying around or anything.
I have been laughing all morning, although at the moment, Bailey has just gone to his friends and Harry is on the floor bawling his head off…as soon as i get out of earshot he screams louder!!!! Oh the joys!!!
So, as for gambling, no worries there, i have had so much going on and im still bent over so i havent had time to think about it, although i have been reading a lot this weekend.
My sister leaves tomorrow, im sure Damian will be pleased as i will be home.  He is fishing at the moment, his boat got a hole in it yesterday, but he had it welded up…$100 later, i could give him a bucket for $1 and he could just bail the water out!!!!!
So i hope you have all had a great weekend, i sure have, even with this back problem!!!!
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!