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Hi All,
Well i just said goodbye to my sister, i proboably wont see her for another 6 months but we spent some great time together, its always like i just saw her yesterday.
Jode and i are in talks about going up there next July, for a 4 day weekend, to see the baby (my neices), what a good excuse…we are still in the pipeline but im pretty positive we will go.
I am taking Brea to the dentist shortly…she lost a filling on Thursday.  Thank god i have the money to pay.  Colin, you are right, it is these small things that mean the most.  I know we joked on your thread about the dentist but it is so true.
I too am off to the Doctors this afternoon.  My back still isnt right, and whilst its a lot better i dont fancy standing up for 5 hours tomorrow, i can go about half an hour and then i need to sit down, so hopefully he will give me another certificate.  Im just not prepared to risk it when it is still sore. My abs (i know they are there somewhere) are really sore too, i think im overcompensating.  Anyway, ill see how i go.  I think its at about 70% right. So i just need a few more days of resting it.  I am not having a bad back in Sydney…no way!
Anyway, i hope you are all having a good gamble free day, i had better go, we are just about to leave.  Poor Brea, she has an exam tomorrow, i hope the tooth is ok.
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!