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Thank you so much for the clarification about the thongs….I have had to train myself to say "flip flop" now, but as kids that’s all we called our little rubber shoes (which I still have an undying love for).  I was trying to picture why a manly woman would be telling you about her underwear.  My thoughts were going in a terrible direction.  I was trying to think if perhaps the four drinks to a non-drinker were somehow manufacturing what happened, but funny, I can actually see the scenario going on at your little party.
But really, you need to think about giving your long-suffering husband a special gift (I know, with your bad back and all, it will probably just have to be candy).  Waking him up, elbowing him in the head, laughing like a hyena while he’s trying to sleep….you had better pony up for the $100 weld job and just shut up. 
You make me want to be there with you, cavorting about and laughing about everything.  Take care, hope the back gets better ASAP.