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Hi All,
Thanks Marilee, what a crack up you are.  Thanks for your post.  Well i got a call from the woman who, at work organises the workplace injury stuff.  She was really rude to me, they are very good at trying to make you feel guilty.  I had already made a doctors appointment today as i woke up this morning and knew that i would not be able to push that trolley tomorrow.
So i am now off for the rest of the month…i only had 2 more days of work, then annual leave so i have lots of time to recouperate. The doctor was lovely, i told him about my phone call and he said that he hated dealing with them too. I now have to fill out 500 forms about it all, what fun!
Well Breas trip to the dentist was a costly one, $266 to be exact…for just 1 tooth!!!  You know when you are standing there and they tell you the cost and you have to try really hard to stop your jaw hitting the floor?  That was me!  Oh well, at least i could pay…we have to go again next monday, but this filling she had today was a whopper, they should get cheaper from now on.
Its really hot here, in the mid 30c all week, we have gone from really cold last week to boiling.  This weather is unreal!
Anyway, i hope you all have a great day, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!