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Hi All,
I wrote a post earlier and my screen froze….bugger.  So ill try again.
Today was Harry’s first school orientation.  It was gorgeous, he was so cute, all those kids sitting cross legged on the floor looking up at the teacher.  It would have bought a tear to my eyes, but i was more excited than he was!!!
All the mothers were sent into the staffroom for a meeting, in which we had to go around the room and introduce ourselves, i absolutely loathe that so i went first so i could get it over and done with.  In the course of the chat, it was brought up many times about community, the closeness of the students and the huge involvement of the family.  Now, i was feeling very guilty….school time has always been my gambling time.  I have thought a lot about it this afternoon, and, i have never ever done one thing at that school…..NEVER.  So, next year i am going to join in a little bit.  Im not really a ‘school mum’, but im sure there are quite a few things i can be involved in.  They have a breakfast club, im sure i can go a couple of days and help with that.  They are always looking for help with this and that.  Now im not gambling, i can give my time to them, after all, i work evenings, what am i going to do all day.
I have also found out that there is yoga and tai chi on in a little hall just up the road from me.  It has been going for years apparently, im going to try it out as soon as my back is better, which should be next week.  I think it will be good for strengthening my back and filling in some more time.
I took the boys to the beach tonight.  It has been hot here all week, with more to come and i decided to take them down after dinner.  It was magnificent, the sand was so soft, the water was as clear as anything, the sky was every shade of pink, just glorious.  The boys had a great time, we were there about 45 minutes when the mosquitoes decided to crash our party.  They were horrific, they were attacking from every side, we had to do a runner to the car and of course i had left my window open…..MORE MOZZIES.
I have bites all over my legs, the boys were ok as they were running around and the buggers couldnt catch them.  Poor mum with her sore back couldnt run anywhere.
So we came home, the boys had a shower and told me what fun they had, it was worth the scratching and itching!!!!
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!