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Congrats on your 5 month G-free time Kathryn…..You should be really really proud. When are you going to Sydney. Look my daughter up. She’s in Glebe and works with Drake Nursing Agency…….Got a back pay from the Revenue don’t know why! guess what cute kid did with it,,,, ???? You Got it in one….PUT IT IN THE BANK! Got over a grand sitting there now. I’ll be too mean to put petrol in the car soon…………. my son’s 21 is coming up. Planning but with a heavy heart in case he doesn’t bother turning up, in case NOBODY turns up….EEEEKK !!! I ll be cleaning the house like a fanatic over the next few weeks on my days off…Got to go Hearing HURRY UP WILL YOU BE LONG HURRY UP…..Sort of a MANTRA !all the sevens