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Hi Kathryn,
it was good fun chatting with you in group last night.  Thank-you for your words of encouragement, it means a lot.
and Wohooo a big congratulations on your five month mile stone.  Be so proud of yourself.  Who better than us here to know what an accomplishment that truly is.  And as you say, one day at a time.  May today be another day filled with special moments, big or small, and sunsets at the beach.
I live near the beach as well, although I am entering the winter season here.  There is something about the surf, the sea air and the crys of the seabirds that can be so cleansing. 
I see myself in your flower garden as a seed that has just sprouted.  I am trying to put down roots and send a shoot towards the sun.  It takes a lot of energy at that point, but I have hope that some day I will be an open flower soaking up the sun.
Take care Kathryn, keep up the good work.  I think your ideas about joining a fitness program and spending some time at the school are very healthy positive steps.  You can do it!