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Hey Ms. K:  Thank you for sharing your rollercoaster day.  It’s what makes our lives interesting, isn’t it.  Although I know at the time it doesn’t feel like it. 
Good on you for holding firm on the dog issue.  I am a massive animal lover.  My gorgeous dog is one of my children.  He’s a massive brute — great Dane and yellow lab mix, but he is totally my baby.    Getting a dog should not be an emotional decision.  Too many people like the idea of puppies, by not the poopy, pukey issues that may come along with them.  And then, of course, there is the cost.  It costs me about $120 a month to feed and house my dog and guinea pigs and to feed the local squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits that visit my backyard daily. Nothing to sneeze at!  (My niece says my squirrels look like dogs, they’re so fat!!!)j  I’ve been serious thinking about feeding the raccoons at night, but we’ve had warnings of coywolves in our neighbourhood and have been warned not to leave food outside at night.
About Bailey … just wondering whether you asked Mr Gorgeous whether it was possible to do an educational assessment on him?  May just be that people need to figure out his learning style to stoke his love of learning.  I had to do that with my oldest one when he was six.  We figured out what the issues were and he’s doing great now.  He absolutely loves school.  What a great Mom you are though for setting up a program at home.  Consistency is absolutely the key with boys.  They learn so very differently to girls.
Anway, great going on squashing those urges!  I’ve had some today too … kinda ticked at hubby too.  After a great deal of pouting, threatening and grousing, I think I’ve finally lit the fire enough for him to paint the lower level of my house tomorrow.  By bloody time too!!
Will chat with you soon.  Hope to see you in Tuesday’s chat if you’re around.
RGThis moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.