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Hi All,
I had a great day today, it was meant to be 34, so Jode and i had decided to take the boys to an aquatic centre.  We had heard it was really good….my goodness they were right.  It didnt get to 34 by the way, but we went anyway.  This place was amazing, 4 pools, a great big kids area with waterslide, hoses, all sorts of stuff, it was brilliant.  We all had a ball! Me and my 2 boys and Baileys mate cost me a whole $11.  What a bargain.  They swam and played for 2 hours.  I was hoping they would be asleep by now, alas, no luck, but im not too far off hitting the pillow!
Now, i have a question for the ladies, it has nothing to do with gambling but its for my friend Jode, i told her i would ask for some advice on here.  Sorry if anyone cracks it, but we only have each others opinion and outside views are definitely needed here so here goes:
Jode is a bridesmaid in her brothers wedding, there are 4 bridesmaids.  A couple of girls went in to have a look at dresses last week and the bride decided she really liked them and took Jode in last night to try it on.  It was absolutely hideous (she sent me a picture), one of the most unflattering dresses i have ever seen, satin to boot so its nice and clingy on the blubbery bits.  The bride decided Jode looked good in it (she has to be blind).  Now, Jode is devastated and doesnt want to be in the wedding as she feels she will be humiliated..(she really didnt want to be in it in the first place but felt she had to say yes)  She has hinted to the bride about the dress, but the bride is obviously ignoring it as she has decided that is the one.  We believe that the bride really didnt care, she just wanted to get the dress picked so she would not have to worry about it anymore.  The other bridesmaids dont look too flash either mind you, but they are all in their mid 20’s. What does she do, tell the bride the truth and try to get the dress changed, try to get out of the wedding alltogether, or bite the bullet and wear the dress?
Any advice would be apprecieated, sorry its non gambling but i thought someone may have been in this situation before.  Anyway, as for me, no gambling today, i can barely keep my eyes open, and these boys are hysterically laughing on the lounge room floor watching some movie.  Damian is off fishing very early tomorrow, i want to try and get some groceries done at some stage, apart from that, a pretty lazy day…oh, i do have another basket of ironing to tackle..sigh!
Take care all, enjoy your weekend, only 5 more sleeps till Sydney!!!
Bye for now, Kathryn xxxxxxxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!