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So here i am, day 17 yipee…
Im sitting in my lounge, surrounded by my family, football on the telly, roast pork in the oven ( no swine flu jokes please!!!) and thought id reflect on my weekend.
My biggest urge to gamble was on Friday night before i left for my GA meeting…weird i thought, but i went to the meeting as planned (took $10 for the collection plate) and it was good, im still not sure if GA is for me but im determined to stick it out for 6mths and then see how i feel.
Saturday i slept in until 10am, i nearly died when i woke up and saw the time but i got up, made coffee, read the paper, my favourite thing to do.  We then went down to the local football, the weather was magnificent for winter, sunny and warm…the kids played on the park all day and i only saw them when they wanted a drink or something to eat.  We then came home and watched more football (we love football if you didnt notice!!)
Today was market day, my step father sells vegetables (the best spuds in Australia) and ive been helping him for the last 8yrs.  It gets extremely busy. I was there till lunch time and then came home, tidied the house, vacumed the carpet, and then had a power nap on the couch.  I went and visited mum for a coffee when i woke up, came home and got the vegies for tea ready and am now sitting here watching, you guessed it, football!!!
So i was wondering, how the hell could i possibly have time to gamble with all that going on? Now that ive read it back, i really have been busy this weekend. I need a weekend off to get over my weekend!!! The kids are on 2wks holidays now so ill have to keep them busy.
Hope you all had a lovely gamble free day, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time