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Hi All,
RG, that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me….THANKS!  Ok, well, hmmmm, yesterday was quite an ordinary day, unless you count grocery shopping!  Although i did go and visit Jode (who by the way is going to wear the dress) and mum and my sister came down.  She has decided she is going to stay at our house christmas eve, all her kids are grown and she wants to wake up with my kids to which i am thrilled.  I think we will have a great time as we have a big chrissy eve with the extended family so it will be lovely for her to come and have a sleepover!  We are going to a show tomorrow night, its called ‘busting out’ and its everything boobs.  From what ive seen its hysterical. We are having chinese food first…yum.
I actually think im going to give my skinny jeans their first outing…i need to wear them in a little bit and theres nothing like a tummy full of chinese to do that!!!!
I took Brea back to the dentist today, she had a hole in her tooth right at the front which has been causing her some embaressment as people have always told her she has something in her teeth!!! I have let it go for years, which is absolutely disgusting on my behalf.  We did go last week for the big filling that needed to be done.  Well, you should see her smile.  The dentist did an amazing job, it looks perfect, she has naturally straight teeth, thankfully, so now she doesnt have to cover up that beautiful smile anymore.
I think she has given up on the dog idea, at long last.  Vera, you may be right, but i think she simply doesnt like not getting her own way for once.  I always overcompensated because of my absence and she ‘expects’ now.  She did go and see Jode and when Jode pointed out that we had bought her a car and im taking her to Sydney she said "well i didnt ask to go".  That really hurt my feelings, but i havent said anything to her, im not going to start an arguement, and besides, Jode gave her a mouthful and then she said she didnt mean it.  TEENAGERS!!!
Anyway thats about it, im getting Brea to colour my hair for me tonight, and i am going to do the board for the boys.  Bailey got all his work done on the weekend (after much badgering) but his teacher was really pleased so i guess i have to keep on him and when im at work, Damian will have to do it!
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!