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Hi All,
Well i have a few things on today, doctors appt first to get a clearance letter for work, my back is back to normal so thats a good thing.  I dont go back until the 30th anyway, so i thought id get it done today and its over with.
Harry has ‘special persons’ week at kinder this week.  I have found it to be a bit of a pain. Firstly, he didnt invite me, im either not special enough or too special…im taking the latter.  I am going to do kinder duty next week so that will be my special persons day.  I think its a lot of pressure, its over 2 days and i cant bear the thought of every other child having someone there except him so i have done a roster.  Mum, Brea and Damian today, and my sister and Jode on Thursday…i call it tag teaming.  He is really excited about it, mind you, he is still in bed which is unusual for him but the old saying applies..let sleeping dogs lie.
Tonight i have my show with my big sis, so that will be fun, we always have a good time together, she is quite a hoot.  Brea has her last exam this morning…food technology.  I thought that ‘cooking’ would be so easy but if you saw the work she has done this year it is extrodinary.  Its all about the make up of the food, how it works, her favourite was when they had 2 chocolate bars, one was 50%less fat and they had to eat it and talk about the differences.  Is she her mothers daughter or what?
We have her validictory dinner next week, its formal so i get to wear my dress i bought for the wedding last month again…yay!  Damian is about as excited as a slug, he hates these things but they have to be done.  Come to think of it, i havent got anyone to babysit the kids yet, i had better hop to it!
I hope you all have a great day, take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!