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Good morning Kathryn,
As I read your posts I think that you have found a good part of the secret in fighting this disease called CG.  You are filling your life with humour, friends, family and new adventures.  You are an ispiration for all of us to do the same. 
Do you recall how I said that my life these days seems to be full of "signs" and coincidences?  I have one that i would like to share with you because when it happened I thought of you immediately.  The end of last week, not long after your posts regarding us all being flowers in a garden, each in different stages of bloom, I drove to my mothers.
When i got out of the car I noticed two little miniature rose bushes that each had a single rose in bloom.  That is truly unusual for us here as quite often we already have snow.  These were little rose bushes we had given mom for mothers day in the spring in an arrangement.  I mentioned it to mom, and she said yes she had noticed, but there were three little bushes in the garden from the arrangement.  Two had been in bloom for a little while but the third one had a rose bud on it, trying to bloom.  It brought tears to her eyes as she mentioned how she had three daughters, and now three little roses in the garden with one trying to bloom.
Hope you had a great time tonight.  Got to run but i wanted to share.