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Hi All,
Ok, i went to the show last night.  The whole show was done by 2 women, who only wore pants, nothing on the top, hence the name busting out.  It was quite shocking at the start, but halfway through, you hardly noticed until they started doing something with them…for eg they made:
-a baby, complete with dummy
-the bat sign, you know, the one in the sky for batman
-a map of australia (hysterical)
-roberta flack….singing
-a washing machine, and clothes line
-abba (singing mama mia)
-the taj mahal…complete with palm trees, they were the only prop
It went on and on and on, there were songs about them, skits about them, stories about them.  They got 2 women up to have a bra removing competition, and blow me down, the 2 women flashed at the end.  It was the funniest thing i have ever seen, my sister and i were in hysterics all night.
So now the serious part…the skinny jeans.  They survived the chinese food, (firstly i would like to thank the spanx), but, and its a big but (not my butt) but whenever i sat down, they rode right down, if not for the spanx, that rode right up i would have been in trouble.  I wouldnt have been wanting to sit behind me!
They did survive, the long top i wore with it ensured no one got an eyefull!!! The whole night was funny, i said to my sister, thank goodness they didnt get me up there, if i had of flashed, everyone would have seen the spanx up to my armpits!
So that was my night out with my sister. It was fantastic, and if busting out ever comes to a theatre near you you have to go, just dont sit down the front!
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!