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Welcome back from Sydney Kathryn! So glad you fulfilled your promise and Brea’s dream. Just throw your mind back six months and remember how impossible this weekend would have been if you were still gambling…….. You’ll soon be hitting the six month mark! Any plans for a celebration?……….Sometimes I feel there is nothing I would like better than ” a day in the slots”. I imagine myself walking in ( well, being ‘spirited in”, feet not touching the floor) plonking my fat A** on the stool, frantically sliding €50 into 2 machines ( 8 if I were an octpus), breathing a CG sigh of CG relief…. and, and, AND A N D………walking out the door, sick, dizzy, broke, guilt-ridden and in bits after 12 hours sordid pleasure…………NO THANKS! I changed my mind! Even you wouldn’t be that mad, Kathryn! I often wonder what you would have been like to sit next to in the casino, Kathryn! Silent? chatty? Happy? Moany? Silent, I’d say!