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Hi All,
I have big news…..i am a great aunt.  No normal auntie for me, but GREAT.  Well actually its the 8th great grandchild on my side and there are 5 and 3/4 on Damians side so that makes…..13 and 3/4 times i have been a great aunt.  But it is still so exciting.  I dont know any details except to say that my neice Kate had her 2nd child, a boy this morning at some ungodly hour (i got a text from my sister at 2am) and his name is Lucas Benjamin.  I dont know what he weighed but she was hoping for the head the size of a tennis ball!!!!! (oh, if only!)
They live in Darwin so it will proboably be a while before i see him in the flesh, but thats ok, ill be sending lots of air kisses to him.  I have spent the day washing and ironing, vacuming and cleaning, what fun!
Tomorrow i am doing the good mother thing and doing kinder duty, 4 hours with 20 kids (OMG) and then Harry has school orientation for an hour.  I am then coming home and getting ready for Breas validictory dinner, its formal so i am re-wearing the wedding dress, Jode is coming so we should have a good time…and its a 3 course dinner (of course its all about the food!!!)
I hope you are all having a great day,
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!