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Teenagers …. phhhht!!!  Bloody ingrates (lol).  You were WELL within your rights to scold, my friend.  My mother was a sergeant major and had me up at 8:00 a.m. EVERY Saturday of my life, washing, polishing, dusting, cleaning windows, clearing cupboards.  She had my brothers working right alongside me too.  How times have changed … sigh!!
My boys do have regular chores on Saturdays, tho’.  One of my close friends has three teenaged boys and they do NOTHING.  I learned from her example.  By the time my oldest turns 13 next year, he will become responsible for the family laundry and his brother will learn to clean bathrooms.  With their father doing garbage, cleaning guinea pig cages (most times) and clearing dog poo, I have all the nasty jobs covered.  (After all, what am I paying allowances for???)
Now about the great aunty thing.  I too have 13 great nieces and nephews.  Only thing is, my eldest great nephew has the gall to be 20!!!  I warned him, severely, that if he had a child and made me a GREAT, GREAT aunty before I turn 50 … I would hunt him down and …. you know the rest!!
I do hope you see the baby within the first couple of months.  It’s your opportunity to bury your nose in the fluff on their heads and suck up the youthfulness.  Don’t babies smell gorgeous??? I find the smell makes me relax!!
OK, I have much to share re: my first counselling appointment, but I am SOOOO exhausted, I’ll have to post it tomorrow.
Enjoy the dinner celebration.  (All will be well, you’ll see!)
PS.  I finally applied for the lovely job … cross your fingers!!This moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.