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Hi All,
Well the validictory dinner was really good….but, when we were in Sydney Brea had bought some shoes to wear, they were at least 6inch heels (seriously), anyway she had tried on her size 8 and they were really tight so she got a 9.  She came out last night, and when she bought the shoes we hadnt taken into consideration that we had been walking for 7 hours that day and it was stinking hot. Result?  Swollen feet.  So when she put them on last night, they were a size too big.  Disaster?  Almost.  Tears?  Close to, but i had some gel things for shoes so we put them in and away we went.  When she got out of the car, she almost went a$$ over, almost.  Now im not a very nice person when someone falls over, unless its one of my residents of course, i start laughing and i cant stop.  I could feel her eyes boring into the back of my head as we walked towards the building,  i was trying to stop my shoulders shaking from the laughing, and Jode was not helping one bit!
Ok, back to the dinner.  Brea had to walk the length of the hall in ‘the shoes’ to get to her seat with all the other girls.  I was praying to the Lord that she wouldnt fall over, and bless her…she didnt!!!  We had a table with another family, a friend of Breas and the food was divine. (yes, yes its about the food.)
They had speeches and awards and i could not believe that Damian didnt fall asleep…the funniest thing was when the principal was making the speech.  I had written a letter to beg for an extra ticket, it was for Breas boyfriend but i made it about Jode, Breas godmother.  I wrote an essay about how she(Jode) had been an integral part of her education and she was so impressed with the schools morals and principals…on and on i went.  Blow me down, the principal read it out to the room…600 people.  I nearly fell off my chair.  It was hysterical.
So thats it, her school years are over, done, dusted.  Hard to believe really, i missed so much because of my addiction, but no more.  I guess Bailey and Harry are going to get the best of me in that regard.
Today i went shopping and bought a Christmas tree.  Now this is a big deal as we always hook the trailer up, take a saw and drive around the back roads until we see a real one we like, chop it down (im always the lookout) and bring it home.  Last year it took forever to find one, and when we put it up one side was nearly bald.  Brea whinged the whole time so i bit the bullet today and got a fake one.  I will miss our ‘mission impossible’ christmas tree hunt.
Thats about all, oh, by the way, when i got home, after Brea went beserk, we both acted like nothing had happened.  She didnt say anythiing so Jode must have done her job, bless her.
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xx Life is about falling….living is about getting up!