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Hi All,
Well my weekend of work is over, and i have to say, im sitting here watching Brea wash the dishes…i know, a miracle has occured in my kitchen! lol.  Mind you, Mr fat bottom is still sitting on it, but im taking what i can get!!! 
I have decided to go for the job.  Im having quite a bit of difficulty with my resume, but i have looked a few up on websites, im just trying to find big words to use in my responsibility section (any suggestions will be apprecieated, oh and if they’re really big, ill need an explanation!!!)  Im not sure that my typing skills are up to the job, but i have nothing to lose, and practice makes perfect!  It doesnt have to be in until the 16th, so i have a little time to work on it. 
Work was really good this weekend, i didnt dread it at all, which is a first for me.  Dont get me wrong, i love the residents, but its the early mornings that kill me.  It all went very smoothly, no dramas which always makes for a good weekend.
I have tomorrow off, so im going to pay some bills and get stuck into this house.  My MIL is coming on Friday, so i need it spick and span.  I also have to go and get her Christmas present at some stage this week, she wants a particular style of handbag, and do you think i can find it??? Ive looked in lots of shops, but have had no luck so far.  Anytime i get her something she doesnt want it, so worst case scenario, a gift voucher will have to do and she can get her own.
I hope you have all had a good weekend, take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!