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Hi All,
Today i cleaned my oven, i know, not a big deal…but, it was sooooo dirty i had to clean it twice.  I was disgusted that i had let it go for so long, and i got to thinking.  Since we have been in this house i have not cleaned the oven (im ashamed to say it….2 years)  I was wiping all that black goop out of it and i thought to myself…this oven represents my addiction, in that i didnt have time to clean because of it, that i only did the things that could be ‘seen’.  That i would only do the essentials as i was too busy thinking, planning, going gambling.
Its taken me a while to build up to cleaning that stupid oven, the job was overwhelming, but now its done.  Something else out of the way, something that my addiction can no longer touch (or not touch really!!!) Mind you, the oven racks are a different story, i have them soaking in washing powder as we speak!  I need a tough scrubber to tackle them so im off to get Brea from work and pick some up.   I feel so much better for getting that revolting job out of the way.  I have to wonder though, if the MIL wasnt coming would i have done it?  Id like to think yes.
Take care all, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!