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Hi All,
I have a busy day today.  After Harry goes to pre-school he has his last orientation for school.  Im buying his uniforms today and even though i have said over and over i cant wait for him to go, im feeling a little sad that my baby will be a really big boy.  I am also dreading the ‘talk’ we will get today.  Last time it was how to pack a healthy lunchbox.  An hour of it, a video of a lady doing it…BORING.  i have been packing lunches for years, i dont need a lesson in it.  So who knows what we will get today.  Im hoping to sneak off for a while if i can, i have to work this afternoon so i need to be a little organised. 
He is having lunch at the school and they get to play outside, which he cant wait for but…i have not long got up and its raining.  Hopefully it will stop by then or he will be very dissapointed.  His last day of kinder is next Tuesday, my god the year has flown.  And to think, at the start of it i was gambling every time i dropped him off.  4 hours was never long enough.  Anyway, i hope you are all having a great day. 
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!