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Hi All,
Firstly RG and Laura, thanks for your posts.  There has been a lot of press the last 2 days into DNA testing.  Apparently a man was jailed for a crime he didnt commit and the DNA test was wrong.  Im guessing you all know where im going with this.  Ive got just a little pit in my stomach, because i know they will have seen it and i cant help but wonder if they are thinking that our DNA test was wrong and we are going to get a phone call.  Now, in saying that, we did ours from Canada and they are talking about the Australian DNA testing.  I do not doubt that ours was right, but im just a tiny bit nervous that things may be dredged up once more, especially with Christmas and all.  Well i guess its out of my control for the moment and hopefully the phone will not ring!
On a lighter note, yesterday Brea wanted to make a lamb casserole.  I went to the butchers and the lamb was soooo expensive, i didnt want to pay that for a casserole.  So i talked to the girl and asked her if i thought they would know if it was beef instead of lamb.  She said no, so i bought the beef (at less than half the price) and took it home without a word.  Before i went to work, Brea started making the dinner, i couldnt look at her for fear she would know.  On my tea break i called home and spoke to Damian.  I casually asked him how his dinner was.  He said that the lamb just fell apart and it was delicious!!! LOL. It was very hard not to laugh.  Im not telling them, just in case i have to do it again!!!!
Im babysitting this morning and tackling my bathroom before the MIL comes tomorrow.  Im taking mum to do all her Christmas shopping, theres a big shopping center with every store imaginable about an hours drive away so we are going there as she cant walk really long distances and she can have a sit down if she needs it.  Im quite looking forward to it.  Im going for my work breakup tomorrow night, its at a venue.  Its the first time i will go into a place with machines since i stopped gambling.  Now i know i can have dinner without looking at them (ill sit with my back to them) so im not too worried.  Im just not going to look. I dont want to tempt myself whatsoever.  Im just going for dinner and coming straight home again.
I hope you are all well and having a lovely gamble free day.
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!