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Hi Kathryn,
sorry to hear about your niggling thought.  But as you say, it is out of your control.  For the most part I try not to worry about something until I know I have something to worry about.  It’s just those things with really emotional ties that tend to throw my good sense out the window.  Do your best to keep busy and not worry. 
I’m praying that you have absolutely no urges tomorrow.  That you have a lovely dinner and a lovely time with your co-workers.  I’m sure you can walk right out of there when you are done.  I play in a dart league once a week at my former local hangout.  For the most part I don’t even have to see the machines.  But last week I had to park out in a different lot so came in through the other entrance.  I did look at them for a little while.  But I found myself looking at the people playing them more than the machines themselves.  Looking for signs of CG in them maybe, lol.  It was just a bit strange to me, watching them watch the machines in facination.  I only take 2 dollars with me, enough for a little snack only.
I’ve been really busy lately.  I’ve been off on Tuesdays and Thursdays when the group meetings are at 5am and 6am my time, ugh.  Please forgive me if I decide to sleep through them lol.  Take care, hope you had a good time shopping with your mom.