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Hi Kathryn,
First off, Congratulations on your six months, wohoooooooooo, you’ve come a long way girl. 
I’m glad you enjoyed the food (dessert sounds down right decadent) if not completely the company .   You are right, we can’t save the world and it is up to each person to decide if they have a problem.  I know that someday I will be able to say I am a recovering CG with pride but it is very early days for me and some people are just downright condescending.  My fragile  new RCG self just can’t deal with other peoples attitudes.  So far I have picked and chosen well who I share my "secret" with.  Now my husband is another story.  He decided to confide in my in-laws.  My MIL has a big mouth and lives in my same small town.  I am getting some vibes from people that I would not have chosen to share with.  But, it’s not worth the confrontation to tell my MIL what I think and in reality she is only sharing the truth about me.  Just annoyed that it was my truth and I should decide who it’s shared with.
So I am VERY proud of you for walking right out of there tonight.  With your six months (wohoooooo) under your belt.  You deserved that decadent dessert, lol.  Good for you for picking the right reward for yourself, dessert not gambling. 
Hope you survive the visit with the MIL.  Take good care of yourself and enjoy your sparkling bathroom and spotless oven lol.
Talk to you soon,