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Hi All,
Ive had a really busy weekend.  I have the MIL down so of course theres busyness in itself.  But i went shopping Friday as you know, then i went again Saturday, it was insane but i managed to finish my shopping, thank goodness.  I was so tired i came home and had a nanna nap!
This morning Dames and MIL went shopping.  Now, this made me nervous, i was having a few urges as they always have done the sneaky gamble in the past.  I was imagining them, having a lovely time…little did i know she was dragging Dames from pillar to post shopping…LOL.  As usual, i was making an assumption, will i never learn??
 We had the BBQ lunch at my SIL for the family Christmas which as always was great, they are so funny when they all get together, the 3 brothers (dames included) do nothing but laugh, and im usually laughing at them even though i have no idea what they are talking about.  We got home about 4.30, i then had another sleep on the recliner (im sure it was post shopping syndrome!)  Anyway, it was a good weekend, although i didnt really feel like i had any time off as i was shopping so much. Back to work tomorrow, my goodness, its nearly Christmas!!!!
Hope you all had a good weekend, take care, Kathryn xxx
Oh, by the way, i found out im going to be a great aunty again…remember the wedding and my fabulous dress?  Well, the bride is pregnant, turns out she was at the wedding and we have all just found out!  Baby due end of June!!!Life is about falling….living is about getting up!