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Hi All,
Well Dames lobbed in at 5.30am (i was dead to the world) and woke me up.  He had been to the bank and got some money out and wanted to know where his pay was…did i put it in the bank.  I said i did, and he said, well, where is all the money?  Now, i have made a list of bills that need to be paid over the next 2 weeks, so i can spread them out a little, we have normal car payments, rent, but there is a big electricity bill and phone bill.  I have been paying a bit extra out so that it doesnt seem so daunting at Christmas, plus the presents.  I looked on the statement when i got up and i cant see that there is any problems. Everything is accounted for.  I actually thought we were going really well!!!
I dont know if he thinks im gambling, im assuming yes as my track record up until the last 6 months has been shocking.  But…this time im telling the truth.  Im going to show him the statement when he gets home, but usually he fobs me off and wont look at it, after all, its easier to be mad at me!
I dont know what he wants.  We have to live, we have to eat and pay the bills and im doing that as best as i can.  We are up to date, and its still not enough.  It frustrates the hell out of me.  Not to mention being woken up at 5.30 (i am NOT a morning person) I dont quite know what to do about it.
Anyway, just wanted a vent,
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xx
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