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Originally posted by kathryn

… he said, well, where is all the money? …
…  I looked on the statement when i got up and i cant see that there is any problems. Everything is accounted for.  I actually thought we were going really well!!!. …
…I dont know if he thinks im gambling, im assuming yes as my track record up until the last 6 months has been shocking.  But…this time im telling the truth.  Im going to show him the statement when he gets home, but usually he fobs me off and wont look at it, after all, its easier to be mad at me!
Life is about falling….living is about getting up!
Good afternoon Kathryn.
Your story doesn’t sound like a good way to be awaken in the early hours, sounds like a surprise bank audit then a "good morning dear".
I have a way of dissecting things people say to try to fine hidden or alternative meaning; as to why I do this, I have no answer, nor want one – I even place hypothetical lives upon strangers I pass on the street; furthermore the conclusions I reach more then likely replaces the real meanings with my "belief". Anyway, audits on banks are for good reason, just as your surprise interrogation may, like you said, be for good reason based on your past behaver. I use the word interrogation to show that although I see a reason, I do not agree with the extreme means. When greater trust will replace what you gave him to work with I can not say, but, and again as I read into it, your husbands refusal to look at the books may be, in his own way, a way of showing some returned trust, "if she gathered the information together, I trust that it is true".
In closing I will use some of your words with a couple of mine added; Life is about falling (or getting knocked down)….living is about getting up!, and, sitting money issues aside, you are not wrong in your thinking, you are actually doing really well – in your recovery, where it counts.
 Larry"Day Two Is Now, Another Day Behind" – With the help of a Higher Power, My 3G’s – God, GA, and GT, I will not have to relive a Day 2.