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Forty degrees …. aarrrrggg!!!  We’re going to -20C tonight!!!  Can you send a few degree my way … please!!  Now I am trying to recondition my brain to loving the cold, but heavens … knowing that somewhere in the world is 60 degrees warmer is a bit much, don’t you think?   Anyway, it’s worse out west … they got to -48 the other day, poor buggers!!!  Kathryn, I know you have no concept of what that means so let me just tell you.  In that kind of cold, the liquid in you eyes and nose freezes in seconds.  You actually have icicles from your nose, cos it tends to drip in that weather.  It’s extremely dangerous, because your skin literally freezes in four minutes or less and frostbite is a REAL danger.  Anyway … that’s my northern clime lesson for the day, lol.  Many of our doggies wear coats and boots … it’s hilarious really.
Ok, so the spider.  Hmmm … I’ve heard about those Aussie spider … I’m picturing a great hulking monster … the size of my hand at least.  Thank goodness you didn’t drive into a tree … I think I may have jumped out of the moving car!!!  I want to visit the land of Oz sometime, but the creepy crawlies are a bit of a deterrent.  Kinda like when my hubby and I went to Costa Rica before the kids were born.  A real adventure trip.  Good Lord … EVERYTHING crawls, jumps, flies or slithers there.  I spent the ENTIRE two weeks driving with the roof up (we had rented a convertible to enjoy the rainforests, etc, but I was too afraid of snakes dropping into the car.  Let me tell you, we went through forests in the depths of Central America with about three words of Spanish between us.  We encountered scorpions, snakes, flying cockroaches and jumping spiders that peed on you when you slept leaving great acid burns.  Yup … a REAL adventure .  Anyway, I digress … back to your grey monster.  I’m sure he is a long way from your car … and glad to be away from the screaming she-creature he encountered, lol.
Lots more to chat about, but look for you online tonight.
Talk soon good buddy.  Roger … over and out … and all that.
Love, RG
 This moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.