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Beep, beep, beep, "Warning" beep, beep, "Warning" beep, beep!! Do I have your attention?? OK, ‘cos I have something to share.  Went to my one-on-one counselling today.  Spoke about everything under the sun … including my Aussie friend and her marvellous ability to start the journey and not stop for six months when all I did was fall, get up, fall, get!!  Anyway … counsellor said it was VERY common to get to a milestone (say six months for argument sake, lol) and then do the "test".  She called it "opening the back door".  So what happens is the person goes to the venue and successfully walks away.  But a few days/weeks later finds themselves sitting in front of a machine.  She says it’s very common.  Anyway, please don’t be angry for bringing you up, I was mentioning you in a VERY positive context as one of my excellent supports and to whose success I aspire. And of course there is COMPLETE anonymity since I haven’t a clue who you are in real life.  Anyway …I wanted to mention it because although I don’t believe you will fall into this trap, I wanted to be certain to post any potential warnings.
There …. now I’ll just go back to minding my own bloody business, lol!
About the spider.  I’ve come to the conclusion that he is in fact your guardian angel.  The reason he is so scary is because he wants to be effective.  The thing is he is letting you know he’s there … watching you.  And if you go to the casino again, he will appear again … LOL!!  I AM a cow today … don’t get mad … I’m cackling at the screen …
OK, ’nuff silliness for the day.  It’s snowing great, gorgeous, fluffy flakes here in the North.  I hope things have cooled down to more comfortable temps for you.
SOOOO looking forward to group tomorrow.  They’re having a Xmas brekky, so I have to go out tonight and buy my Secret Santa gift.  Will post my "learnings" on my thread a little later this evening.This moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.