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Hi all,
Thanks for your post pinkie, i am not able to think past today at this point…the thought of never gambling again is terrifying, even though i dont want to do it, i can only not do it for today and thats enough for me.  I have a million todays coming up and if i just get through one at a time then ill be ok.
School holidays…mmmm…they drive me a little nutty.  I was so happy to go to work last night.  It was an easy night, cruisy, which was nice for a change.  The kids have been a little niggly towards each other this morning and im a bit tense, i have to go and help a friend clean a little house at lunchtime (we’ve been doing it for years) so i might see if she wants to have a coffee afterwards.  We both need a break, she has 2 little ones.  My daughter is babysitting both her and my kids while we do it so whats an extra half an hour?
I havent had any gambling thoughts today as yet (its early). I have the day off so im going to go have a shower, have some breaky and tidy up a bit before i get picked up. Im looking forward to group tonight, its at 7pm here, i sat up till 1am last night and could barely put one foot in front of the other, but in saying that, the group sessions relieve a lot of my tension. I hate to miss them.
Its 3 weeks for me today, i cant believe it…in one sense it has gone quickly as ive been logging on to this site every day, but in the other…. it feels like every day has been a week.
I hope you all have a happy gamble free day,
Bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time