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Hi K,
finally having a chance to catch you with you.  And wouldn’t you know I’ve missed important events.  Great bounding husbands and scary hairy spiders lol.  I’m glad Damian apologized.  I think you are right, pick your time and discuss finances.  It has taken 20 years but now that my accountant (aka mom) is helping with my budget and we keep going over, my hubby has started to take an interest.  He is actually participating in cost saving ventures such as putting on a pot of coffee instead of going to the drive through.
Now, your great creepy hairy spider is giving me the shivers all the way over here.  I am petrified of spiders, even the small ones.  I probably would have crashed the car.  You brave brave woman to get back into it.  I will probably never make it to Australia for the very fact that you have spiders as big as your head lol.  Not to mention snakes, alligators, crocodiles, and all sorts of other wonderfully dangerous creatures.   I hope your adventures with the spider are over. Although you can always take Harry’s suggestion and wear a bee keepers suit lol.
Anyway, I’m off to a group chat at Safe Harbour.  Take care and talk to you soon,