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Hey Kathryn,
I think it is Friday morning for you, still Thursday evening for me. Wanted to stop in and wish you a good day and see if there were any more updates on your pet spider.  Have you given him a name yet?  How bout Harry lol.  Just don’t get them confused and squash the wrong one. 
I’ve had a fairly relaxing day finally.  Slept in a bit.  Caught a group chat here today.  Went for physio this afternoon and ran a couple of quick errands.  Spent some quality time with hubby and now I get to spend some time reading and posting.  Everyday should be a day off lol.
Well, not much else new with me. Oh, but now that I think about it. I overcame a small urge today.  I received a Christmas cheque in the mail, for $800.  It was for $200 each for myself, my husband and our two kids.  I had to take it to the bank and cash it and bring home $600 for everyone else’s shares.  I left mine in the bank.  When I had $600 cash in my itchy little hands I had a little surge of excitement, like I used to when I’d take a wad of cash out to gamble.  But I tucked that thought away, I’d be found out very quickly if i gambled everyone’s christmas money.  And then I drove home.  I forgot all about the money in my wallet, never even gave it to everyone when I got home.  Just remembered it now, lol.  I will have to give it everyone right away!  So no more temptation.
Well, going to do some more reading and posting (once I hand out the cash stash lol).  Have an awesome gamble free day Kathryn.  Take good care,