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No fair……… You sitting outside in your bikini and I am pushing the dog outside in this blizzard to go pee.  Yep, we are working on our seond foot of snow.  The wind gust have made the snow drifts 5 ft. high.   But I am here in my home office posting and not in a  casino somewhere out there in this blizzard.  I did go out earlier today and was thinking about doing the snow angel thing.  But damn it was cold out.  So I just stomped around alittle bit in the snow (up to the top of my boots) came inside and have been reading, watching tv, and on the computer.  I watched The Susan Boyle story.  It was good.  Oh well, don’t get a sun burn while I will try not to get a freezer burn.  Love ya, Nancy…Each day is a lifetime in miniature….