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Hi All,
Nancy and RG, if you only knew…..i hate disapointing you but ive been working. I know, how boring, wiping bums, making beds, helping with meals, wound dressing, writing care plans, handing out pills.  The sun has definitely been out, but alas, no bikini wearing for me!!!!
I have been reading, but i have been too tired to post, its the next thing i do in the morning after making my coffee, but i havent had a lot of time before work unfortunately.  I did go out for dinner last night for Damians work break up, his boss is really good to him, he got a magnificent ham, a slab of been and a $500 bonus!!! How good is that?  He took $200 as he needed ‘stuff’, including my Christmas present so that wasnt too bad, i scored $300 towards bills for Christmas. We went to a really nice local restaurant for dinner, views of the pier and the bay, lots of wine flowing and the meal was magnificent (all paid for, even better!!!) I of course had 3 courses and could barely walk afterwards (nothing to do with the wine…read on)
I ordered a glass of wine (note the ‘a’) as i had to be up at 5.30 this morning, but they bought a bottle.  Now, i dont like to be rude…lol, so i couldnt just have 1 glass.  I had a whole 3!!!! I was quite tipsy as i dont drink wine a lot and i have to say i am absolutely exhausted and feel like i could go to bed and sleep for a week.  Work was really busy today (of course) but all in all i have had a good weekend.  No time to think of gambling, by the time i got home from work yesterday, coloured Breas hair, she straightened mine, shower, make up, quick coffee, it was time to go. 
Damian is making me roast lamb for dinner tonight, like i need more food!  Ive come home to a clean house, washing done, dishes done, boys playing lovely, what more could i ask for.  I can now relax as i have tomorrow off.  
I hope you all had a great weekend, dont worry, ill get to you all eventually!!!!
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxx
Oh, by the way, no sightings of the spider, although i am still carrying the slipper in the car just in case!!!! 
 Life is about falling….living is about getting up!