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Hello K!  Haven’t read too far back on your thread, just catching up as far as the Christmas party stuff.  Like you, three drinks would probably put me on my a$s.  I won the gift basket raffle at work, it contained a bottle of Baileys.  Now, I rarely drink (I had ONE drink this year, whoo hoo I’m a party girl), but I love Baileys in my coffee.  I’ll be hopped up on pain killers after my dental surgery on Wednesday, but I definitely intend to open the bottle when I feel better and just enjoy a lovely Baileys and coffee.  Want to join me?  I’m sure there’s enough for three for both of us! lol
I’m not sleeping these days, up at 2, up at 4 etc., so I’ll soon be returning to bed to catch up.  I get about 10 days off over Christmas and New Years, so I plan to try and get "regular" during that time.  No, not the usual definition of regular, but at least 4 solid hours of sleep without waking up would be swell. 
I’m happy with my life K, it’s been a bit of work to get here.  The only thing that would make it better would be to have my long distance sweetie with me, but I am so grateful that he is a part of my life.  When you open your mind and heart to change, good things happen.  Have a great Sunday, hope that involves no bum-wiping!