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Hi All,
Well ive had a busy couple of days, yesterday i got a phone call from Jodies husband, she had gastro and he was at work, so i went over and helped with the kids, im just praying to god i dont get it, i have an iron stomach so hopefully ill be safe.  I had to take Brea to her girlfriends for a lunch, i really need that girl to get her licence, but we have to wait until the 28th Jan.  I will have so much more time, not having to run her around everywhere.
Last night we took the boys for a drive to see the Christmas lights, it was really lovely, although not as many as usual.  They have a competition in the paper for the best around the Peninsula, and i voted for the one in my town (of course)
The boys have been scarily good, I LOVE SANTA…he is the best threat, im always telling them there are elves hiding in the garden watching their every move.  They are too scared to do anything in case they are spotted by the elves!!!
Im really looking forward to Christmas, my sister and nephew are coming to stay Christmas eve so that will be lovely, she can help me wrap the 500 presents i bought!!!  Harry and i are going to stay with her on New Years eve, as Dames and Bailey will be away and Brea is going partying.  I have quite a bit to do in the next couple of days, cleaning wise, so that will keep me busy and the thoughts at bay.
Anyway, i do hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas and new year.  Thank you all for being my friend, i feel absolutely blessed to have found you.
Take care, bye for now,Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!