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Hah!!!  I beat you!!!   Finally … I beat you at something!!! (I’m doing the little Rumpelstiltskin dance !)  Not only are you kicking my ass at this recovery time (round the corner and back again!!), but you also had your Xmas tree up before me and most of your shopping done.  NOW …. I’m happy to report that ALL my prezzies are wrapped and under the tree, and have been since the 13th …. Ne-he-he-he-he (that’s my witch cackle!!)
Ok, I understand that you can’t put the prezzies under yet, ‘cos of the whole Santa thing.  That was me until last year when I FINALLY had to stop fabricating all the stories for how Santa can possibly be in so many places in one night.  They make it very real in North America … tracking Santa on our news channels … with reports of sightings from NASA and stuff.  Do that do that downunder too?  My parents-in-law live VERY far North where we’re talking eight feet high snow piles.  We went there every single year from the time the kids were babies.  It was a very grand time and my MIL actually had some very sweet traditions with them.  At 9 pm, she would take them to see Santa’s landing strip.  An entire street would put tea lights in paper bags out on the sidewalk.  In the night, it actually would look like a landing lights at an airport.  Isn’t that cool???  Then she would read The Night Before Xmas with them in front of the fireplace from an incredibly beautiful pop-up book and they would go to bed.  Then (FABULOUS DIL that I am) she and I would bundle up and go to midnight Mass at a cathedral in town.  Nice tradition, but because the kids are older now, and they want our own family traditions, we’re staying home this year.  I’m feeling a little bit sad about that, and as a result fighting off a few urges.
I’m from a very large family, but just the four of us will be having Xmas together this year.  My Dad, three sisters and a brother are overseas in sunny SA, and the sister who is having the family together on this side lives over two hours drive away.  I don’t want to do the long drive this year.  My bestie has family from overseas and will be crazy busy over Xmas, so it’s unlikely I’ll see her on the day.  I wish I could shake this melancholy feeling.
It’s funny, in group last week, they discussed how people deal with depression and sadness over the season.  I’ve never felt it sad during the season, but I do now.  This year, I’m feeling left behind and alone … STUPID I know.  I have my kids who are bursting out of their skin with excitement, my husband who works hard and loves his family, my everloving dog and guinea pigs, nice neighbours, nice-enough house, great cyber friends … WHAT is my problem?  I know what I need to do to improve things (too long to explain here), but even without doing it, why would I be feeling SO down.  I need to pull up my bloody socks, don’t you think?
Anyway, please don’t take offense to my intro … sometimes the competitive me gets outta control, LOL!!  I know we’ll probably talk before then, but if not, have a GORGEOUS Xmas!!  Eat, drink and be merry, my friend, and I hope "Santa Baby" is good to you.  We too have great Boxing Day sales, but I doubt I’ll be venturing to the stores with all the raving lunatics tearing around fighting over deals. 
Love and hugs.
RGThis moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.