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Hi All,
I had an unbelieveably busy night at work, we have lots happening and i got home quite late, tonight we are having a Christmas dinner, we all take a plate and try to sit down together for a minute, which is lovely. My mum is making a pavlova for me to take, only because she made me one last time we did this and everyone raved about it so i went to her place and begged her for another one (which of course, she loved!!!)
I have lots of running around to do today, Brea to work, Bailey is having a friend over so i have to go and pick him up, i need to get to the post office and pick up some stuff (postal strike here at the moment!) i need to get into town at some stage (so much for being finished..are you reading this RG???) although i dont have to get much, more cleaning at home, i have to clean out the fishbowl…one died yesterday and the other one is in a weeny bowl until i can clean the big one, i need to do a bit of shopping for Christmas morning, food wise, it just goes on and on.  And i have to work tonight!!!
Im also having trouble sleeping and that NEVER happens to me.  I can go to sleep anywhere, anytime, but i think im overloaded with things i have to do.  Once Christmas is over im sure ill be fine.
Well, lets look on the brightside, at least i dont have time to think about gambling!!!!!
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!