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Busy, busy, busy.  Isn’t that what they say, keep to busy to think about gambling.  I too have to go shopping for food today.  We are all out of breakfast making stuff and since the husband will be home for 3 mornings we NEED breakfast.  At least he does.  He stopped at the store the other day for scrapple, came home and cooked us breakfast.  This doesn’t happen often though.  I am taking the two granddaughter home to spend the night so their mom can finish her shopping and wrapping.  I gave her money to buy the girls gifts from me.  Usually she gives me the gifts to wrap.  They are still in her attic, so she said she would wrap them.  Great idea.  Since they each get $200.00 that’s alot of gifts to wrap.  And since tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we have a dinner to go to, I would have to stuff everything in bags.  So I am grateful she is going to do the wrapping.  When you get a chance slow down and smell the roses… And I will smell the poinsettas…………….Merry Christmas………….Nancy***An addiction is what it is.  It is a hard thing, to face up to an addiction.  It can take over your life.  Make you do things you wouldn’t do otherwise.***