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Hi Aussie Girl!!  Larry has reminded me that you will be celebrating Xmas in a matter of hours, while we’re still back here stuck on Wednesday night.  I’m sure you’re running around like a mad woman trying to get things done.  I don’t envy you the task of all the wrapping tonight.  (I still have a few tiny ones to wrap, but will do that in a bit.)  Oh, and I still have to do my ENTIRE grocery shop, but will do that later too … maybe about 10 p.m., so that the crowds have dissipated a bit.
Got my Xmas ‘do at the hairdresser … cut, color, the whole nine.  I’m feeling pretty SASSY, let me tell you!  Just got back from walking the dogs and … it’s BLOODY cold out there.  But they’re happy, so that’s good. 
K, I’m so glad you joined this forum.  You’ve added an element of fun and have set a marvellous example of tenacity.  I wish you, Dames, and the kidlets all the very best of the season!  I hope Santa is very good to you (although I daresay, you’ve given yourself the very best Xmas gift of all).
Hope to chat soon.
 This moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.