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Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!!!!!!!
Well, my day is over, Christmas is done in my house and i have to say, we had a fantastic time.  Christmas eve was spent catching up with my extended family, my great neices and nephews who are just gorgeous and having a meal and a laugh, i got some lovely gifts, my neice who went on her extended honeymoon around the world gave me a framed photo she had taken in machu picchu which is absoulutely beautiful.  I got jewellry, a dinner set, all sorts of things, all lovely.
This morning i got a screaming wake up call at 5.50am, which of course sent me flying out of bed and screaming myself…..ITS CHRISTMAS!!!
The kids had paper flying everywhere, it was fantastic and they loved all the presents, i was really pleased with what i had given them. My sister and nephew had stayed over last night so i had lots of helpers with the wrapping, it really didnt take long at all.  After a big breakfast we headed to the besties and saw her kids, then mums for lunch.  On arriving home, i headed straight to bed and had a 3 hour nanna nap!!!!! so now im sitting here in my pj’s, Dames is making something for dinner and im reflecting on the last year….i know it didnt happen, but i cant help but wondering what our christmas could have been like if things hadnt gone our way in the DNA test.  It would have been a very different Christmas i think, so i have enjoyed this one all the more as you really never know whats around the corner.
As for gambling, or not gambling i should say, it has been a special Christmas, the first one that i havent gambled for so long.  I didnt miss it at all, in fact, it never entered my head for one tiny millisecond.  Seeing the kids faces, hearing them say it was the best Christmas ever made it all the better, and i have given myself the best Christmas present of all, my sanity, my self worth, my happiness, my life.
I hope you all have  a great day, im thinking of you all right this very second.
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!