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Hi Kathryn,
I have had a chance to read your Christmas post and your boxing day post.  Firstly, you are so right, you have given yourself the best Christmas gift ever, and by giving to yourself you were then able to give a special Christmas gift to your family.  You were able to bring them all together in a special celebration of love and life.  The best gift they could have gotten .  These past six months could have turned out so different, but they didn’t.  Thank God!  All the more reason to cherish what you have.  And, if something is on your mind, it is worth sharing.  Sometimes just getting things out here are enough to give that release of pressure that lets us get back to where we want to be.  Huggggggs Kathryn.  Thank-you for sharing with us and thanks for all of your support.  Oh, and this is a little late getting back to you, but, no I didn’t think that you were avoiding me.  I tend to get a little insecure by times, but I am working on that along with the rest of my recovery.  It seems I have just a few character flaws lol.  But I guess they are part of what makes me me.  Hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays.  It has been a pleasure knowing you in 2009.  Look forward to getting to know you better in 2010.