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Morning K…..glad you had the energy to run through the shops on Boxing Day.  My daughter and I hit one store, bought two great items, and booked it outta there.  For the record, my exciting purchase was an over-the-door shoe hanger.  Party on!
You and RG and really pi$$ing me off about your talk of food! lol  Since my dental surgery I have had some soft muffins which take me an hour to eat (one crumb at a time), 44 cans of gingerale and 12 mini quiche.  And enough Tylenol to sink the Queen Mary.  I was thinking of really stepping out today and having some soup. 
The weather here couldn’t be more beautiful, not a cloud in the sky and a crisp kind of cold.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t look all around me and realize I was meant to be here, home….the mountains are in my soul.  Although, with my love for rubber shoes (flip flops, thongs, whatever they are called there) I might consider moving in with you for a short while! 
I was remembering two years ago (and several Christmases before that) about how annoyed I was that the casino was closed on Christmas Day.  If you could go see a movie on Christmas Day, why couldn’t you gamble?  On Boxing Day I was in line for when the doors opened at 10 a.m.  Imagine, deprived of one whole day of gambling in the whole year.  On that note, my heart tipped a little when you wrote about Jode arriving Christmas night, afraid of not finding you home.  Had we ever been in our rational minds when we were gambling, that alone would have stopped you.  But all you can do now is thank God or whoever that your rational mind is back. 
Have a great day recovering!  I’m hoping to get out of my pajamas today…ah, they should write a book about my life.