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Hi All,
I had a big day yesterday…we had the market and it was BUSY!!! We have all the holiday makers here at the moment, it was great weather for it, although i did get a sunburnt nose!! I did not stop for 3 hours straight, we had a line a mile long, but my step dad was thrilled…we sold out.
Im working this evening so im spending the day on the house, Dames has the week off so at least i dont have to worry about whats for tea, he can do it.  Last night i went and had coffee at my besties and we watched re-runs of glee, that is the funniest show and the singing is fantastic.  Im trying to convince Harry to get into the shower, we have had wars since Christmas day ( i know….we are on day 3 of no shower) but he got a pair of John Cena WWE wrestling pj’s for Christmas and he wont take them off!!!  (I managed to convince him that we couldnt go to grans for lunch with them on, so he changed…into his batman costume!!!) Its pretty funny really, but im dragging him in with me shortly, whether he likes it or not! 
I havent had any urges, im too tired, my sleeping patterns are horrendous at the moment and i really need to try and have some early nights. Unfortunately the groups are usually on late and i hate missing them so i am willing to be a little tired!  I need to stop having an afternoon nap as when i do im up till all hours!!! I am looking forward to work tonight, there were a few sickies before i finished on Tuesday and i want to make sure they are ok. I do worry about them, one in particular who went to hospital, shes a favourite of mine.
Anyway, i dont have much else to report, i think it may be time to get this kid of mine and give him the scrubbing of a lifetime!!! I hope you have a wonderful, gamble free day,
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!