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Thank you all for your fantastic posts…i feel better knowing i did make SOME sense…
Now i know you have all been waiting with baited breath for my Britney Spears news….YAY…i got the tickets!!! Im so excited, i do like her but more importantly, i am going to have a weekend in Sydney with my daughter.  We have never really done anything together…If you could have seen us this morning trying to get those tickets…it was insane..i was having a heart attack cause it kept saying to try again.  Beside the point really.
I had never been to Sydney and this year will be 3 times!!!
Ok, back to the thoughts as yet today, too busy!!! im babysitting a little boy today, he is beautiful, i call him the silent assasin, he gets into everything and you never hear him. lol .
I have been enjoying group immensly, although my husband came out last night and cracked it cause i was on here again… i dont particularly care, and im not going to feel bad because im finally doing something for me.  He will just have to get over it…
Im working this afternoon, the kids are behaving beautifully (thank goodness) and im looking forward to another gamble free day (22 today)
Bye all, and wishing you the same…
Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time