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LIke RG says I think the comments will lessen in time.  My husband used to call me a gamble holic because I wanted to stay at the Moose until it closed.  He would go out and sleep in the truck.  He hasn’t called me that in months.  I feel that when they are bringing up the past, they are still hurting.  Like, how could someone I love so much care more about gambling then me.  It is hard for a non CG to understand.  My first husband was an alcholic.  I didn’t gamble back then, so I did not understand his addiction. I often said, if you love me just stop.  How hard could that be.  Little did I know at the time how hard it is.  So as we fight this addiction, we have to learn to let go.  Let go of the hurt in their words.  We did it, we screwed up, but we are now trying to make amends.
Scrapple.   Scrapple is a meat product shaped in a square.  It is made up of all the pork meat that is left over, like pork snout.  It is fried (like bacon) and I have to admit it is delicious with eggs.  Sounds gross though doesn’t it.  If I had not eaten it as a child, before I knew what it consisted of, I would never have touched the stuff.
You are doing so good Kathryn and your family and friends (us included) are so very proud of all you have accomplished this past 6 months………………..Your cyber friend…….Nancy***An addiction is what it is.  It is a hard thing, to face up to an addiction.  It can take over your life.  Make you do things you wouldn’t do otherwise.***