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Good morning!
Wow, thank you all for posting, it was great to wake up this morning to all this support.
I am feeling much better today, thanks to Harry. I have some things to sort out, i need to have a couple of conversations, one with my daughter and one with my bestie.  I need to acknowledge them. I hope that makes sense but i know what i have to do, i just need the opportunity to do it.  I think i will feel a whole lot better and hopefully they will too.
Anyway, onto my day….Damian and Bailey took off at 5am for their camping trip, they are coming home on Sunday, the last 4 days have been full of preparation for it so i hope they have a fantastic time.  Brea and Harry are spending the day together today, she is taking him shopping and then they are going to her boyfriends for a swim (its hot today)  i wont see them all day, i have a me day on my hands.  Now, normally i would be dressed and ready right now for her to pick him up, then i would be off to the venue for the day…a whole day, bliss. So what am i doing instead?  Firstly its my mums birthday today, i have bought her about 10 little presents so i will be going there for a visit.  My sister is also going so we will catch up which will be lovely. Then i am coming home to vacuum and mop the floors. I have work this afternoon, so i may have a little nap before i head off.
Im sure to take a little time for a coffee with my bestie, she is working her butt off at the moment so its difficult to find time, summer is her busy season.  She also picked up a new contract and has to start work at 3am for the next few days.  She will be exhausted so i will try and find half an hour where we can sit down.
Reading back it looks like ive pretty much filled my day, so thats a good thing. 
I hope you all have a wonderful gamble free day,
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!