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Hey Kathryn,
popped in to catch up. Sorry you had such a hurtful day the other day.  As you are planning conversations with your daughter and bestie I’m assuming that is where the comments came from.  Sounds like you have it all under control though.  Another thing to be proud of.  It’s funny how us CG’s need to walk such a tight rope.  We are advised not to dwell on the past.  That guilt (or is it shame?) is very close to self pity. But yet don’t forget the past completely and the damage that it wrought.  Live one day at a time and don’t think ahead too far, unless that involves financial planning and barriers.  Hmmm confused yet?  I am lol.  Guess what I’m trying to say is good for you for not letting it keep you down for long.  You are balancing on this tightrope of recovery very well and should be darn proud of yourself. 
I probably won’t get to see much of you in group, I’m working four mornings a week now and it’s getting hard to get on and get out the door on time.  Not to mention a little thing called sleep.  But I will keep in touch in the forum and will bump into you again one of these days.  Take care, hope your favourite patient is feeling better.