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Okay, the mother instinct in me wants to run over there and punch whoever said those things in the nose.  Not always the best way to solve things, but it’s a cathartic dream sometimes!  Thanks for your comments about the dentist, at 11:00 this morning I thought I was going to hurl myself in moving traffic to stop the pain.  By 11:10, the dentist pronounced a dry socket, and a lot of infection.  Why didn’t I call her she asked.  Because I didn’t want to bother you I replied.  She looked at me in amazement, someone so badly infected suffered for days to avoid inconveniencing her.  Anyways, it’s all good now, cleaned, medicated, and on my way to recovery.  But it certainly brings something to mind….I was surprised to find my thoughts drifting to gambling over the last few days.  Well, duh.  I was sick, wanted to be distracted, hadn’t slept, was utterly miserable.  That’s a recipe for disaster for a CG.  Once again, I can thank my stars that I self-excluded.   Just thought I would let you know – and if you have time to read this, you are actually superwoman.  Is there anything you don’t do?  Wow, I would keel over with heart palpitations if I did one fifth of what you do in a day.  Slow down girl!  🙂